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Having Sex With an unconscious girl

30 years in India is a difficult age to be at. The younger girls look at
you with respect that you do not want And the older ones are all
fixed up with
some one or the other. I always had considered my self to be young
Enough to
find a girl to myself, but of late the admiring eyes of girls were
showing more
respect then lust.
I had recently moved into a new apartment. One of my first instincts
I move to a new place is to check out all sides of the house and
locate a few
interesting girls. The place didn't seem very promising Initially but
as I
settled down I did manage to spot some interesting faces and figures.
Indian girls have this major hang ups about moving around with guys
dating. The family Somehow does not like this and are extremely
possessive of
their daughters and are often wary of the Company they keep. But the
biological impulses in the girls often provide ample opportunity to
On a look out like me.
I spotted this pretty slim girl staying opposite my house and got
immediately hooked on to her.She as usual didn't show much interest
in me. She
use to hang around in her balcony every day. She had a Lovely figure
which she
did not believe in hiding it. The skirts she wore were often short
and tight,
she Never wore a bra below her dress. I kept ogling at her with a
hard on but
she didn't give a single look. I often spotted her in the house
pulling her
shirt off but could never see her fully unclothed. Her family use to
go out and
she use to be all alone in the house at least for five hours a day.
One day as I was driving back to my place I saw a woman struggling
with a
nasty looking Character, before I could stop my car and jump out the
mugger hit
her hard on her head and took off with her purse. I initially thought
of running

after the mugger but when I saw the woman collapsing I ran to grab
her. I was
surprised to see that it was my neighbor who had been mugged. I
carried her back
to my car and Drove back home. I knew her family would be back in a
few hours so
I decided to take her back to my place.
I managed to get her up to my drawing room sofa. She was still
unconscious, I cleaned her face with a wet cloth and applied some ice
to her
head. She was not bleeding but had a nasty lump on her head. She
opened her eyes
and appeared to be in pain, I told her all was ok and that she was at
my place.
She could Not remember my face, I told her that I was a neighbor.
Her head hurt
she said, I gave her a pain killer and a Glass of juice.
I in my worry had lost all the sexual interest in her. Suddenly I
began to
realize the position in Which I and she were. She seemed to have
dozed off
again. The painkiller seemed to have had a soothing effect on her. I
had never
forced my self on a woman all my life but this girl was some thing
else. I
wanted her so badly that I cock was already displaying signs of
impatience. I
took a good look at her. She was wearing one of the newer fashioned
Kameez that fitted her body rather well. She was breathing normally.
I took her face in my lap, she looked like an angel, I felt angry
myself for trying to ruin this virgin but my body was not with my
mind. I bent
and kissed her lightly on her lips. Her lips were soft like the snow
and the
perfume she wore made me more horny. I moved my hands over her
medium sized
breasts. Her breathing increased a bit. I decided to venture further.
I turned
her over to open the zipper at the back of her Kameez and her lovely
back was
displayed in all its charm. Her skin was like white marble and felt
like silk.
The strap of her red bra was visible from the back . I unhooked the
bra and
removed her Kameez all together. As I turned her over her lovely

breasts were
displayed in front of me. They were not large but were very firm. Her
swelled as I put my fingers over them. Her nipples had a lovely dark
tan and
swelled up a lot when touched. I was getting terribly excited and the
girl was
still not in her senses. I put my mouth over her nipples and rotated
my tongue
around them, she seemed to quiver a bit but settled down quickly. My
covered her nipples I couldn't get enough of those lovely breasts, I
bit lightly
in to her breast and noticed slight pain in her expression as she
slept on.
The lower part of her body was still covered. I untied the string of
Salwar and pushed in down. Hoping to find a panty I was surprised to
see her
hairy pussy without one. I had not seen so much hair on any other
pussy ( Demi
Moore was no where close to her). She had never trimmed her self
down under. I
ran my hand through her pussy hair. I could see her pussy lips
between her
hair. I started rubbing her pussy lips with my finger. Finding the
position too uncomfortable I carefully got up and placed her head on
the sofa
and took my clothes off.
My Cock was ready to explode. It had been a while since I had slept
some one and the thought of deflowering this sleeping beauty was a
max turn on.
I opened her legs up and got my face closer to her pussy. She smelled
divine. I
used my fingers to open up her pussy lips and they parted ever so
unwillingly. I
could see the pink inner part of her pussy. She was slightly wet and
the musky
odour from her cunt was driving me crazy. I gave her a lick with the
tip of my
tongue. She quivered in her sleep, I opened her pussy lips and licked
the inside
of her pussy. Her pussy tasted slightly salted but I loved the taste.
Her pussy
was very small quite understandably, as she had not yet experienced a
man's cock

inside her.
I admired her pussy and licked it all the more. Her breathing was
faster. I found her clit and tickled it lightly with the tip of my
tongue. A
slight moan left her lips and I could see a slight smile as she slept
on. I
focussed on the Clit for a while. Her juices were now flowing freely.
Her pussy
hair ensured that nothing leaked out.
I moved over and rubbed my cock over her pussy. My cock was
desperate to
enter but as her pussy was very tight and she was sound asleep I
knew entering
her would not be so easy. I decided to lubricate my cock well.
Finding a small
bottle of lakme moisturizer I applied some on my cock. My cock was
now, I applied a generous amount on the knob of my cock I tested the
my forcing my cock through my fist. Finding it lubricated enough I
applied some
moisturizer cream to the outer lips of her pussy too.
I inserted my lubricated finger inside her first. Her hips lifted
as my finger went in. I pushed my finger in till the base of my hand
rested on
her mound. I kept pumping my finger in and out. I could feel her
moving her hips
to accept my finger as I moved it.
I moved her to have her cunt facing me and her legs dangling down
sofa. I moved between her open legs standing on my knees. This way
my cock was
aiming right at the target. Opening her pussy lips once again with my
hands I
put the knob of my cock on her pussy. Her outer pussy lips stretched
to cover
the front of my cock's knob. Moving my hips ever so slightly I tried
to push my
cock in slowly. Soon the knob of my cock was fully in and was
touching her
hymen. This was the part I knew would hurt her, I gave one hard push
fortunately her hymen was not the strongest I had known. Her
virginity gave in

rather easily. There was no bleeding either, I therefore started
on maximizing my pleasure. I moved my mouth over to her left breast
and suckled
her nipple. My cock was throbbing but I was hell bent on controlling
ejaculation. Was pumping my cock in and out slowly. She seemed to
be lost in
her senses but was subconsciously enjoying the fuck. I kissed her
full on her
lips. My cock was buried deep in her. As I was standing on my knees I
could see
the whole of glistening cock move in and out of her tight hairy
pussy. Her Pussy
lips used to be under a lot of stress when I use to move in and they
used to
grasp my cock when I moved out my cock.
I was rubbing her clit with my thumb too. I had read somewhere that
find out whether a woman is having her Orgasm is to check the
tightening of her
spinchter muscle in her anus. I was curious to see If she would come
like this.
I lifted her ass slightly and inserted a finger (lubricated with the
moisturizer) into her asshole. I could not see her asshole but it
felt tight
with a lot of hair around it too. I managed to push half my finger
in. Her anus
felt tight around my finger. I started fucking her with a faster
pace. I could
feel her breathing hasten. Her breasts were moving up and down with
her breath
rapidly. I was rubbing her clit with my other thumb. I suddenly felt
her anus
tighten around my finger and a series of spasms came from her anus
muscles, she
gave a loud moan and saliva trickled from her mouth. She had come
while being
fucked in her sleep. I could hold my orgasm no longer and I drove my
cock deep
into her hairy pussy and let go. Loads of my cum came out, I think I
could have
sired the whole world twice over with my cum that day. I fell across
her breasts
and gave her one more kiss on her lips. Her orgasm had left her with
a content
smile on her face. Pulling out my finger from her anus I smelled it
and it smelt
divine there was no pungent smell as one would expect.

It was almost the time for her parents to be back. Before I dressed
her I
decided to keep some souvenir of the experience. I took my camera
and carefully
took a few snaps of her lying all nude on the sofa. Using a
scissors I snipped off a bunch of her pussy hair and kept them
carefully with me
in an envelope.
I dressed her quickly remembering to wipe out the cum dripping from
pussy. I dressed up myself too. As I went out I saw her parents
stopping their
car in front of their house. I called them aloud, they were quite
worried when
they saw their daughter. I told them all what had happened, except of
course the
part where I fucked their daughter. Her father was ex tremely thankful
and asked
me to come over to their place some time. I candidly told them the
pleasure was
all mine!.
She was coming to her senses. She complained of a massive head
ache and
said her body felt all black and blue. She walked back with her parents down the stairs to her place. I keep seeing her standing in her balcony, looking at me with thankful eyes. I sometimes have a feeling she knows she has been fucked by me but what the hell.
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