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BIGflip Cum Splatter Bella Thorne and Zendaya

These two little spunky teens from the hit show"Shake It Up"are a great tag team when it comes to working a thick cock.Bella is looking sexier every day and Zendaya already looks like she can take on a big cock.One things for certain and that is that they both can take a huge load of cum to the face and keep going for more.There young but there hungry cum sluts first.
These two naughty teen sluts like to stay after school for extra credit cock sucking.There going to earn that A if they have to swallow every teachers cum to do it.
Hey you two,i have a thick hard cock in my pants.Would you like to play with it?
Damit,Bella just heard thick cock and her tongue started going crazy,her eyes got big and her mouth started watering.She rushed my cock and started tugging and jerking it.Zendaya had to push her way in to get a peace of my cock before Bella made me cum.It wasn't to long to wait too.
Bella was slobbing on my cock while Zendaya sucked on my nuts.Oh wow,these youngsters had my cock shooting milk in no time.
Wow,you two are a pair of cock sucking professionals in disguise.
Oh man,you little sluts ate up all that big thick load and are still hungry.You girls are going to be dangerous when you grow up.

Here's a few more pictures of Bella and Zendaya for you fans to jerk-off too.
Bella is looking real cute already.
That cute little body is gona be banging hot in the future.
Pull of them panties and lets sneak behind that building over there.
Zendaya has them cock sucking lips.
Oh yeah,them lips are made for cock milking.

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