7:03 AM

BIGflip Cums on Bridgit Mendler's Face

I first noticed Bridgit on a TV show called Lemonade Mouth.She was really young and just getting started.Then she landed another show called Good Luck Charlie.And that's when my cock went into cum pumping mode.She grew tall and sexy.With her sexy long legs and great smile i just had to bust a nut on her cute face,i'd even throw in her TV mom.Shes still good for a few more years of cum facials.I just love the mother,daughter fuck fantasy.That's the stuff dreams are made of and my cock is always dreaming for me.
That big smile looks ready for a thick load of cum to me.
Don't be so shy Bridgit,your going to love how my thick load feels on your face.
Wow,it was a good amount of cum,just not the thickness i wanted for you baby.
You still enjoyed it though.

Oh fuck yeah,its happening.A mother and daughter want to do something together and that something is fucking and milking my thick cock.I love it!
Oh yes,now its time to let Bridgit's mom join in on the fun.That's it,suck on my balls while i fuck your daughter. Mmmmmmm,that feels great.
Now lets switch Bridgit. Let your mom have some thick cock.
Okay,now both of you taste each others juices on my cock.You like how each others pussy taste don't you. Pretty soon you two will be eating each others cunts,such horny sluts.
Bridgit and her TV mom.Are you two ready for a big load.
Oh wow,i launched a massive wad at these whores.
Wow,you can see all the protein floating around in my thick load.

Here's a few sexy Bridgit pictures for you guys to spunk on.
Wow,look at that sexy body.
Oh yeah,shes ready for fucking.Look at that juicy ass and sexy legs.
Mmmmmmm,that's it Bridgit. Ride my cock till i cum in your hot fuck hole.

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