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Selena Gomez Picture Fakes

My cock doesn't get quite as hard as it does when i'm looking at Selena.I don't know why but i know that i sure love it.I love that my sexy little teen slut Selena can do that to my thick cock.Jerking-off and blowing my load on her face is almost breath taking.Dam Selena you are so fine.Making fakes of you make me that much hornier for you cutie pie.
Look at that sexy ass young latina.Cum looks so good hanging from her face and chin.
Wow,Selena looks so gorgeous with her dark nipples showing.
Selena,you naughty little slut.But i do love it when you show me your fuck tunnel.
There you go baby,give me a closer look at that yummy cunt.

"Blast From The Past"
Here's some Selena Fakes i made a while back.There so dam good i thought you guys would love to jack off to them again.I know i always do.
This is one Selena fake that i milked myself to so many times.Looking at her squeeze her big dark nipple titties like that just drove me cock crazy.
Oh my god,will you look at that beautiful sight.Don't you just want to grab them tits and start sucking on them juicy nipples.
Now that's just a picture meant to be covered in cum.Mmmmmmm!

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